Janean Williams

From Florence Janean Williams and Anna Rose work in video and installation, playing with the limits of discomfort, the body, and memory. After meeting in their Master of Fine Arts program in San Francisco, they began collaborating in 2012. This August they have been invited to install their participatory installation piece Crosshairs at Das Klohäuschen.


Janean Williams (b. 1960, Virginia, USA) lives in southwestern Virginia. She received her MFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in May 2015. Her video, performance, and photographic works reveal repressed rage and violence at being trapped and unhappy, in the home, a culture, and most urgently in her body. As an arbiter of a southern gothic sensibility, Ms. Williams exposes deeply disturbing realities, focusing on the damaged, insane, and the delusional, with preoccupations born out of accounts of gruesome sexual practices of a neighbor, her maternal grandmother’s schizophrenia, dark country and western songs in which young girls jumped off bridges and drunk men felt sorry for themselves, a grandfather’s fetish magazines, and the childhood influences of Appalachian culture.

Wichtige Ausstellungen

2015   Edge Effect, Fort Mason, San Francisco 

2014   Minumental, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco

2013   Crosshairs, Swell Gallery, San Francisco 

2012   Eva’s Ice Bath performance at The Bunker, Curated by Hans Winker, San Francisco


Janean Williams
Gastkünstler von 01.08.15 bis 31.08.15
Film / Video, Installation, Fotografie


Städtisches Atelierhaus am Domagkpark
Raum M.O.13