Kelli Thompson

As much as Kelli loves to travel, she believes that it is important to have comfort, beauty and inspiration surround you while you recharge at home. To share her passion for home with others, Kelli founded Interior Artistry in 1999 as a specialty painting company. Using walls as her canvas, Kelli has created murals and innovative paint finishes in many homes. To compliment her fine art background and instinctive knowledge of home spaces, Kelli continued her education by studying Interior Design. She has had the opportunity to design home projects around Chicago, including kitchen and bath transformations. Kelli’s project while in Munich is a collection of mixed media paintings that evoke mystery and mood with their atmospheric quality. Color and movement drive the expressionist brush stokes. Quiet simplicity at first glance is overtaken by a complex aura when examining the layers.


Kelli Thompson lives in Chicago, Illinois USA. Beginning with her first drawing class in college, Kelli chose to live her life as an artist and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts of Studio Art in 1997. She solidified her expertise of color theory while painting “en plein air” in Monet’s gardens and around the French countryside as the Assistant to the founder of ArtStudy/Giverny, Gale Bennett. Between 1997 and 2007 she spent a total of 5 months in France studying the Impressionism technique of capturing light and atmosphere directly from nature. This treasured time in France led her to be a devoted world traveler.


Kelli Thompson
Gastkünstler von 15.02.16 bis 30.04.16


Städtisches Atelierhaus am Domagkpark
Raum M.O.15