Anna M. Rose

Anna Rose and Janean Williams work in video and installation, playing with the limits of discomfort, the body, and memory. After meeting in their Master of Fine Arts program in San Francisco, they began collaborating in 2012. This August they have been invited to install their participatory installation piece Crosshairs at Das Klohäuschen.


Anna Rose (b. 1982, Massachusetts, USA) has lived and worked in Florence, Italy since 2004.  She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute.  Her work spans across fiber arts, costume, photography and video, with a sensibility towards the relationship between body and environment, entering into conversation with historical, psychological, and cultural mythologies of place and self. 

Wichtige Ausstellungen

2014   Casa Masaccio Arrêts sur Images, Italy

2014   Premiere Livorno, Italy ContamInAzioni 

2014   Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography, Frame/s

2014   Old Mint, Principal, San Francisco, 

2013   Incubarte Festival Internacional de Arte, Valencia 

2013   Proyector Festival Internacional de Videoarte, Madrid   


She has also received the Akureyri Grant for a residency in Iceland (2014), and the Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Award (2013).


Anna M. Rose
Gastkünstler von 01.08.15 bis 31.08.15
Film / Video, Installation, Fotografie


Städtisches Atelierhaus am Domagkpark
Raum M.O.13