The Municipal Artists’ Studio Center in Domagkpark has been a project of Munich’s municipal Department of Arts and Culture since 2009. In 2007, the City of Munich purchased “Haus 50” and the adjoining property (previously a military facility used for the maintenance of tanks), and renovated them for the sum of 5.35 million Euros. The three wings of the building house 101 studios, which are granted to Munich-based artists for a period of five years. Guests from abroad are also granted use of the studios, but for a shorter period of time.

The center is characterized by the previous history of its location, which has been the scene of intensive, varied artistic activity since the 1990s. At times, up to 300 creatives from various disciplines were working here, having rented the empty buildings which had previously been used as barracks. In 2006, the whole area, which had up to then belonged to the German military, was sold to the City of Munich, in order to create housing. This brought an end to the use of the old barracks, which were demolished to make way for new roads and the infrastructure of a new district of Munich, complete with 1600 apartments.

For the past two decades and more, the transformation of the site has been co-designed by creatives from the region. It will remain one of the challenges of the artists working at the center, to constructively accompany and be a part of the changes taking place in their and the center’s environment. A gratifying signal of how this input can manifest itself are the buildings which are being created on the site, financed through cooperatives, where residential living can be combined with artistic work.

Art and culture will continue to play an important role for this new city district in northern Schwabing.


2014 to 2019
From May 2014: Second rental period for the Municipal Artists’ Studio Center in Domagkpark. Over 100 enjoy low-cost working space for five years.

From 2013
Construction work around the center – a new district with around 1600 apartments is created in northern Schwabing.

2009 to 2014
First official occupancy of the center by artists: The studios were granted to the artists who had previously used the old barrack buildings.

2007 to 20097
Demolition of the old barracks, which had been used for various purposes. The City of Munich acquires “Haus50”, and transforms the building into a municipal artists’ studio center. Reconstruction for the sum of Euros 5,35.

Since 2002
Urban development and design plans for a new residential district in northern Schwabing.

From 1993
Disused barracks and military site utilized for various purposes, including a refugee center, artists’ colony, party location and police station.

Until 1992
The site in Domagkstrasse is used by the German military forces.