Guest Studios

Two guest studios are available for international guest artists at the Municipal Artists’ Studio Center in Domagkpark, financed by the City of Munich. They are both 19m² in size and are their use is granted rent-free. They are generally made available for one to three months.

Interested artists from abroad, working on projects in Munich, can apply to use the studios. Artists who are already working in the center, but who are seeking to realize a cooperation with a foreign artist, can also apply for that artist to be granted use of a guest studio.

To apply, send an application email with contact details, an outline of the project in question and the requested dates of use of the studio to



Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München

Abteilung 1 / Team Bildende Kunst

Atelierfoerderung / Maresa Bucher

Burgstrasse 4

D-80313 Muenchen

Phone +49 89 233-21685