Exhibition Space

The public is offered regular insights into the creative work which takes place at the Municipal Artists’ Studio Center in Domagkpark. Alongside tours and open days, the center also shows presentations in its own exhibition space.

The exhibition hall (previously known as “halle50”), covers an area of 160m², and has several side rooms. Exhibitions, performances, video presentations, readings, lectures, concerts and other events are realized in this space.

The program includes projects by artists working at the center, as well as their cooperations with other creatives. The area displays examples of local cooperation as well as international artistic exchange. The two guest artist studios at the center create a base for project-based, borderless networking.

The exhibition space can also be rented out, subject to availability. Requests should be sent to info(at)domagkateliers.de, and include the required dates as well as a brief description of the planned activity or event.